Anil Dash’s experiment on Twitter

recently, Anil posted a short thoughtful piece on spending an entire year only retweeting women. I wasn’t entirely convinced he was making the difference he thought he was.

The Real Internet Is Inside You

“P.opular (section ish),” Ryan Trecartin. see also: Patrick Langley, “Ryan Trecartin: The Real Internet Is Inside You,” The White Review

Are you being served?

This is going to sound, I don’t know, kind of entitled? But I’m going to bitch about a restaurant experience. Sorry. I just need to catalogue this so I won’t forget some of the details of a really badly designed experience. I never want to duplicate this in any of the work we do, ever.

working out what’s for dinner

I’ve been, as of late, having a discussion of veganism with myself. (I know, right? what is this, sophomore year of college?) my current viewpoint is that not eating animals is a personal choice, and that’s fine. but when a person starts saying it’s immoral for humans to kill animals, then it implies a philosophical […]